Which One is the Most Ideal Concrete Coating?

Determining which concrete coating is the best among all concrete protector is not a black and white answer. So, to help you decide which is the most ideal for you and your needs, we will be discussing some of the most typical options people make as they choose a concrete coating. This aims to assist you to be knowledgeable when it comes to choosing the best coating for the project that you’re working on.  

However, you can possibly obtain a definitive answer regarding this dilemma when you know how to analyze its protection and performance capability, which are usually 2 of the most important aspects of a concrete finish. Check out the items below to know more. 

3 Primary Categories of concrete coatings 

Concrete paint 

Concrete paint is one that’s particularly designed to be applied on concrete surfaces. A concrete paint offers a distinct vibe and look, however, it basically doesn’t provide protection. Because of the fact that concrete is porous, it breathes, carries moisture, and sucks up the paint. This, the concrete requires a blocking primer that can even out the surface and fill the pores before applying concrete paint. Commonly, painting concrete is a more inexpensive substitute and can easier to apply on your own even without the help of a professional contractor. But, you’ll have to reapply paint more frequently and you get little to no concrete protection. This means that you can secure little to nothing out of your investment.  

Concrete stain 

A concrete stain is either an acid-. Solvent- or water-based coating applied to cured concrete surfaces intending to basically achieve a particular aesthetic. Other concrete stains can offer an earthy look to the concrete. Although there are several concretes that have dyed to obtain an extensive color range. Concrete stains absorb the concrete’s porous qualities and chemically react to be a part of the concrete. Because of this, stains do not chip or fade off ver time as they provide some type of protection. But, concrete stains are actually made and intended to alter the concrete’s appearance and not to totally offer protection.  

Concrete protector 

A concrete protector, on the other hand, is made up with the ultimate goal of protecting the surface of the cured concrete it is applied to. However, you need to keep in mind that the different kinds of concrete protectors provide different protection levels. For example, a polyurea coating is 20 times stronger compared to a usual epoxy coating. Other concrete protectors secure and protect the flooring from light abrasion and water damage, while other types of concrete protectors help protect your concrete fro, chemicals, UV light, impacts, and much more to mention. 

If you plan to have your cured concrete applied with any of these available concrete coatings, make sure to consult to the professional concrete contractors Raleigh NC right away to make sure that you’ll only choose what’s best for you based on your concrete needs and goals. Contact us today!