Without a doubt, hardwood flooring adds value to your house. If you’re a homeowner, you probably know about this. They offer character and warmth to any area. Aside from that, you can modify them to suit any style.  

However, hardwood flooring requires some maintenance, just like any components of your house. The protective layer of coating gets removed or your floors can get damaged over time.  

Your hardwood floors could have a longer lifespan if they are refinished and maintained properly. However, how will a homeowner know if they are due for hardwood floor refinishing Atlanta? Here are some signs: 

You Want to Change the Style 

Refinishing your floors often is not about keeping water away or fixing the damage. On a couple of occasions, you simply want to change your style.  

Sometimes, homeowners think they’ve got to replace their hardwood flooring if they want to change the style. The truth is that you can probably get the color you want by refinishing and sanding your old floors as long as they’re still in excellent condition. 

Huge Chips or Gouges 

These deep areas of damage require attention right away, whether your floors were damaged by pets, kids, or movers.  

A deep chip or gouge on your hardwood flooring will allow water into the surrounding wood. Aside from that, it can cause splinters and hurt you or your kids.  

Typically, the pieces of wood that are damaged have to be replaced on these occasions. The leftover wood pieces might not match the wood around the damage if it has been years since you installed the hardwood flooring.  

If this is the case, you should take the chance to refinish the floors, making them look new again. 

The Floor is Showing Indications of Water Damage 

Indications of water damage include blacking or graying of the boards. Cupping is also a sign of water damage. Cupping boards and those with discoloration can be normally sanded. You probably have to think about refinishing your hardwood flooring if you wait too long and let the cupped and gray boards pop up and turn black. 

Boards Are Turning Black or Gray 

It is certainly time for a hardwood flooring refinishing as soon as you can if you’ve got boards in your home that have turned black or gray. Boards that have changed colors have lost the protective layer that protects them from water damage. You can still save boards that start to change color to gray. However, you will have to replace those boards that have completely gone black. Or, you can also stain that board with a darker finish to hide the discoloration. 

A Lot of Scratches 

It is safe to say that your floor probably has scratches if you are a homeowner with pets or kids. You might not notice these scratches. This depends on the stain of the wood. However, scratches exist. They can start to make your floor look ugly if left ignored. This is particularly true if they are in areas that cannot be covered up by carpet or rug.