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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can you send me a printed catalog?
A) No. To keep costs (and therefore prices) low, we only sell our products through our online web catalog. This is also more environmentally friendly.

Q) Why aren't you answering the e-mail I send to your sales and/or service e-mail addresses?
A) Like everyone else, we get a lot of spam. But since we have several public e-mail addresses, we get thousands of junk e-mails each and every day. We do our best, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to screen out the real messages from the spam. (The phrase "a needle in a haystack" comes to mind.) Inevitably, we will occasionally throw away a legitimate message. Don't mention viagra, other prescription drugs, or any kind of male or female genitalia in your subject line - all such messages are filtered out and we never even see them.

Q) I don't like Cafepress products and/or service. Is there any other way to buy products with your designs?
A) We don't agree with your opinion of Cafepress, which is a fine company. We wouldn't have partnered with them if we didn't feel that way. But we realize that not everyone shares our enthusiasm for Cafepress. Therefore, as of November 2005 we are also partnering with Zazzle.com. Zazzle doesn't offer nearly as wide a range of products as Cafepress, but they do offer the customer the chance to customize most designs. (e.g. You could add a name to a shirt with a Just4yucks design if you'd like.) Only a few of our designs are available on Zazzle at the moment, but we are adding more regularly.


Q) What size shirt should I order?
A) Most of our shirts are made by Hanes, so you can judge by the Hanes shirts you already own. Even Hanes shirts may occasionally shrink a bit on first washing, so we recommend ordering one size larger than the minimum you can wear. Plus many folks prefer their t-shirt to fit loosely rather than tightly.


Q) I'm uncomfortable providing my credit card info online. May I place my order via telephone?
A) Yes! Cafepress accepts orders via their toll-free telephone line (1-877-809-1659). Be sure to have your Cafepress Shopping Cart ID number handy when you call. When you view your Cafepress shopping cart, a Cart number will appear near the top of the page. Items remain in your shopping cart for up to 90 days.

Any other questions about ordering through Cafepress/Cafeshops are best answered by the Cafepress Help System.


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